The Best Dental Practice in Riverside CA

Here, at Riverside Dental, it is our mission to provide the best dental care in the Riverside area.  We specialize in providing top-notch services at reasonable costs.  Our commitment to the local Riverside community means that you will always feel at home here.  Our convenient location provides easy access to all local residents.  The staff here is exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable.  Our employees will always have a smile on their face, and we hope that after your time here, you will too.


The Best Smile in Riverside

A great smile is a confidence builder.  We want you to be satisfied with your dental care.  Many people don’t get the appropriate dental care that they need.  From basic teeth cleaning, to more complex operations, Riverside dental is here for you.  Our experienced dentists can perform all of the common procedures that you might need.  Have an achy tooth? Perhaps bonding, fillings, veneers, or a sealant procedure is necessary.  Our dentist can address all of your dental concerns.  They are also fully competent in cosmetic processes as well.  Teeth whitening or dentures can do wonders for your self-esteem.  Never be ashamed or embarrassed about your yellowing teeth again.  Many consider teeth whitening and other cosmetic practices to be an unnecessary and expensive process.  However, we employ state of the art procedures that make whitening and other cosmetic improvements a stress-free and affordable experience.  We want everyone in the Riverside area that wants a new smile to stop by and see for themselves why we are the best dental practice in Riverside.


The Benefits of Dental Checkups

Seeing the dentists regularly has many major benefits beyond keeping your teeth nice and clean.  Dentists are highly trained to detect certain potentially life-threatening diseases that could easily go unnoticed to the un-trained eye.  The most prominent and important of these diseases is oral cancer.   Oral cancer can spread quickly and be deadly if not caught early on.  Dentists are trained to detect subtle changed and can perform more thorough exams to help catch cancer when it is still easily treatable.  Another common disease that your dentist can help prevent and treat is gum disease.  Also known as gingivitis, gum disease can be a very uncomfortable and expensive issue.  Advanced stages of gingivitis are associated with the failure of teeth as the gums and bones that support the teeth begin to erode away.  Routine dental cleanings by our dentists in the Riverside area can help keep this disease at bay.  This equates to more visually appealing teeth, as well as an avoidance of expensive and painful specialist visits.   Even the most diligent brushers will not completely clean their teeth.  This leads to a buildup of plaque that solidifies into tartar.  This buildup of unwanted bacteria can cause decay under and around the buildup.  Regular professional cleaning prevents this damage and will prevent the occurrence of cavities.  Getting your teeth cleaned regularly with our local Riverside dentists can save you money, time, and pain as getting a filling is much more expensive than cleanings.  If you live in the Riverside area and are in need of a dentists, give us a call, text, or email, to set up an appointment.